Year R - Ducklings Class

Welcome to Duckling Class,

Dear Parents,


It has been a real pleasure to finally meet and greet all children in Duckling Class. We have really enjoyed getting to know every child individually and learning about their needs, interests and things that make them unique. The children have also enjoyed exploring their new setting both indoors and outside. They have adapted to new routines and expectations quickly including hand washing and lining up and they have tackled challenges like changing for PE with resilience and determination and are already making super progress in developing their independence and self-care. We are also pleased to gain a better understanding of what the children know and can do already, and we are extremely excited about all the growing and learning they will be doing this year.


We have started with a focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and will be reading many more fairy stories and traditional tales as part of our topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ this half term.


We are really excited to introduce our daily phonic session this week and will continue to introduce new elements and enhancements to support, build on and extend learning this year.


As our ‘Habits of Mind’ puppet this half term is ‘Gabo the Curiosity Monkey’, we are encouraging the children to ask lots of questions and to consider how and why things happen. In addition to adult led and child-initiated learning, the children have particularly enjoyed exploring the woods in the Forest school, learning a new welcome song with Mrs Maxey, and participating actively in PE on the playground and field.


We are glad that the children have settled well, and we are now really looking forward to an exciting year ahead of learning, challenge, success, and fun with all children in Duckling Class!


Mrs McRobert and Miss New

Duckling Class Teacher