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Year 4 - Holly Tree Class

Welcome to Holly Tree Class,

Dear Parents and Carers, 


In the Summer term we have a wide range of interesting, stimulating and creative topics planned. 


In maths this term we have already tackled symmetry, reflecting shapes and lines successfully to create patterns. We are now moving on to time. We will be looking at how to tell the time both in digital and analogue format fluently, before moving on to 24hr clock. This is a challenging unit, but all our learning so far has been helping us tackle these problems. 

After half term we will be moving on to division, learning how to manipulate relationships around division and successfully and efficiently solve a range of problems. 


In English we started the summer term with a focus on Quest stories driven by the book “How to live forever”. Yr4 have successfully written and published a series of short stories, all meeting the quest narrative criteria. We have moved on to explanation texts in year 4 inspired by the book “Can I build another me?”. We are currently investigating what a good explanation text contains in the build up to writing our own. 

After half term we will reading the book “Journey to the River Sea” by Eva Ibottson. This book will take us on a Journey through the Amazon Rainforest. The book will inspire us to write letters and narratives all about the rainforest. 


Our topic this half term takes inspiration from both our English novels. In Art we have been studying FengShui drawing (Inspired by How to live forever), whilst in DT we have been looking at designing and creating our own robots (Inspired by Can I build another me). Next half term, after our visit to the living rainforest in Newbury, we will be focusing on Rainforests across the world, looking and studying them closely. Our art shall be inspired by the jungle, whilst our Geography will be looking more deeply into Brazil. 


In Science, this half term we finished our study of Rocks and Soils before diving into our newest study of Magnets and Forces. The children are enjoying the practical element of this unit, which is leading to deeper understanding. After half term, to fit in with our ‘Rainforest’ theme, we are studying plants and reproduction in Yr4. 


We have a very exciting term planned and I hope that the children find it stimulating and engaging, 


Miss Osmond.


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