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Our Vision and Values







"Walking in the footsteps of Jesus with Love, Trust and Forgiveness"

Children Flourish

Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School will be a distinctive community, deeply rooted in Christian values, whose culture has limitless ambition, professionalism, engagement and caring at its heart.  Staff, parents and governors will work together closely to give every child the best possible education and life chances. The school will make a positive contribution to the local community and beyond.

“Life in all its fullness” John 10:10

Our Christian Vision and Values Booklet (please click here)

Spirituality at Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School (please click here)

SIAMS Inspection Report from November 2023

Our Mission

At Romsey Abbey CE School we believe that a world of opportunity lies at our feet. We see our role as a school as instilling in learners the confidence to enable success and relish challenge. We help children, families and staff to learn how to demonstrate love and grow in our ability to forgive each other, to aspire to be the best we can be. We feel it is important to both rejoice in our own success and equally in the success of others. As a church school our whole school life is based around our common values of, “walking in the footsteps of Jesus with love, trust and forgiveness.”

Our Aims


  • Build a culture and ethos of support and respect, inclusive of language, ethnicity, ability and gender.

  • Create a healthy, safe environment through relationships, resources and opportunities which are accessible to all.

  • Provide an outstanding curriculum and learning environment that inspires, achieves the highest standards, creates a spirit of adventure, reflects culture and community and builds confident and independent learners.

  • Strive to build systems of communication that ensure all members of the school family have opportunities to contribute ideas and knowledge that will be valued.

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