At Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School we aim to promote confidence and positive attitudes towards reading.  Our children have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction reading books from within our school reading scheme so they can experience a range of different text types.  The reading books are matched to the child’s expanding phonics skills to enable them to practise their blending skills and recognition of high frequency words at home. We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics progression and use a range of resources to support this.


This approach starts in our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 where pupils are given books from our reading scheme.  Towards the end of Year 2 and continuing in Year 3, pupils will start to migrate to our Accelerated Reader scheme, which continues through Key Stage 2. Pupils are exposed to a wider range of authors and genres of storytelling with their understanding checked at the end of each book by taking an electronic quiz.


We encourage our pupils to develop a passion for reading as they are given the opportunity every week to borrow books from our well-stocked library, for sharing with their parents alongside their reading scheme books.  Parents also have the opportunity to take part in their child’s selection of library books after school with our librarian. 


Our class work provides many and varied opportunities for children to focus on their reading skills.  The children take part in weekly group reading sessions, they read independently in a range of cross-curricular lessons and through shared whole class activities. 


Throughout the year we foster an excitement about reading by holding ‘world book day’ where classes complete various activities and dress up as book characters.  We also hold Book Fairs to allow our children the chance to look at new books of different genres and hopefully purchase a new book of their own to take home. We also have a developing relationship with the public library service. Pupils have the opportunity to visit Romsey library and learn how to use their library card to scan out books.  We also encourage pupils to participate in the Hampshire libraries summer reading challenge as a way of continuing to work on developing reading skills outside of the classroom.

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