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History at Romsey Abbey Primary School


How we teach history:


Our history units have been carefully planned linking to the national curriculum and also to the likely interests of our own children in Romsey. We teach history through historical enquiry; the emphasis being on first-hand practical work using accessible historical sources. Many units incorporate a key question that will allow for a wide-ranging study of the topic and focus skills that the children will learn.



What you will see in classrooms:


  • A six-step enquiry approach to the teaching history

  • Children who are motivated and want to learn because the topic is of interest to them

  • The collecting of information in interesting and varied ways

  • Children making sense of ideas and process the information

  • Children drawing their own conclusions

  • The teacher checking the child’s understanding and developing and refining this with the addition of extra information

  • Pupils creating a final, imaginative product

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