Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind at Romsey Abbey Primary School

We have introduced 7 Habits of Mind to help all children discover how to be successful and thoughtful learners.  We focus on one Habit of Mind each half term but use them to help the children understand what will help them learn, grow and achieve their best. 

The teaching of the Habits of Mind is supported by a team of friendly puppets who help us to understand what each habit involves and looks like in every area of our learning. 

Each half term will begin with a special day dedicated to the focus habit for that half term, where children across the school will get to enjoy a range of activities designed to inspire them about the habit we will be looking at more closely for those 6 weeks.

As a school we creatively endeavour to ensure that these vital learning habits feed in to everything we do and help us to deliver a rich and varied curriculum that excites and challenges all the children at Romsey Abbey.

Meet our Habits...

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Gabo - the curious monkey

Rainbow - the creative parrot

Domino- the empathetic dog

Husky - the collborative wolf

Snowball - the self managing cat

Shelley - the resilient tortoise

Flexie -the reflective elephant