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Languages at Romsey Abbey Primary School


How we teach Languages:


Children in Year 1 and 2 love to explore new languages through learning how to say hello and goodbye from a variety of places around the world. We encourage pupils to listen carefully to these words and to have a go at pronouncing them for themselves. Pupils thoroughly enjoy not only learning these words, but also finding places and people from around the world that use them. 


Children participate in French lessons every other term from Year 3 to Year 6. Pupils are very receptive to acquiring another language whilst learning repetitive songs and rhymes, as well as playing games using actions alongside words to support understanding. These all help to make unfamiliar words and sounds become familiar.

The hard work that pupils put into their French lessons helps them to develop strong language learning skills in preparation for secondary school and opens them up to a wide range of opportunities later in life.


What you will see in classrooms:


  • an oral approach where listening and speaking is encouraged from all

  • songs and rhymes for all year groups to introduce new vocabulary

  • a Year 3 and 4 focus on the listening and speaking of French

  • a Year 5 and 6 focus the listening and speaking of French alongside the introduction of French reading and writing

  • role play and games

  • real life experiences such as sharing French food and traditions in order to develop an understanding French culture and geography

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