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Writing, Grammar and Spelling

Writing, Grammar and Spelling at Romsey Abbey Primary School

All of our work in English is built around a carefully selected diet of quality books for each year group. These text drivers firstly ensure that the children become familiar with and enjoy a wide range of quality literature throughout their primary education but also serve to provide a meaningful and exciting context for writing. The children are given well-designed opportunities to write for a range of purposes and audiences in tasks that have been inspired by the wonderful book they have been exploring.

In Key Stage 1, writing is primarily narrative based, focussing on recounting real and imagined events in lively ways and in Key Stage 2, the children will explore an extensive range of writing styles and forms, ranging from informal blogs to very formal letters and speeches. We firmly believe Grammar is best taught and explored within the context of these rich texts and purposeful writing opportunities and as such we have striven to couple rigorous grammar teaching with tasks that enables those grammatical skills to add real impact to their work. Please see the Grammar Guides for Children and Parents available on this website for a breakdown and explanation of what those grammar skills look like in each year.

Spelling has a high profile within Romsey Abbey and is an area we are committed to excelling in. It is taught discretely in timetabled ‘Spelling Success’ sessions within the week but also revisited and applied regularly throughout the school day with further interventions also provided for those for whom spelling proves particularly tricky. The children practise their spellings at home within the form of carefully constructed spelling sentences that support development of particular rules and patterns as well as those high frequency words that make such a difference.

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