Year 3 - Maple Tree Class

Welcome to Maple Tree Class,

Dear Parents,


In year 3 we begin an adventurous journey over 2 million years ago in the Stone Age! We use our curiosity to learn about what life was like in pre-historic times and enjoy a fantastic visit to Trench 1 at Hillier’s to discover Stone Age artefacts. We move back to the present day to learn about ‘The Dark’ and where it lives and explore what light and dark really means in our science lessons. Throughout the year we make many other exciting visits in our learning, through a range of texts and topics.

In the spring term we travel across the world learning about Venezuela, Antarctica and Japan discovering life on different continents, whilst also learning about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. We also learn about animals and humans in our science lessons and begin to explore forces and magnets. We are very lucky to participate in a class production of Jack and the Beanstalk and perform this to our families!

Finally, the last stop on our Year 3 adventure takes us to Pompeii and the times of the Romans. We have a fantastic opportunity to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace and use ‘Escape from Pompeii’ to deepen our understanding of this time in history within our English lessons.

Throughout the year homework will be set on a Tuesday, as well as termly choose a challenge homework tasks for extra house points. Please ensure PE kits are brought in at the start of each term and water bottles and reading diaries are taken to school each day.  

I look forward to an exciting year of exploration and curiosity in Year 3!

Miss Anthony


Maple Tree Class Team