Year 2 - Poplar Tree Class

Welcome to Poplar Tree Class,


Dear Parents, 

Maple Tree Class have got a really exciting and busy term ahead this summer. An early highlight will be our trip to the wonderful Brownsea Island which will help us develop our geography skills, particularly the children’s use of key geographical language to describe different features, physical and human. Our geography topic also involves lots of map reading work to spot those features leading into a wider project on the UK and what it is like in different locations around the UK. Much of our writing in English will be tied into this project and we will be using Meerkat Mail and the works of Beatrix Potter to support this writing.


The Brownsea Island trip will also help underpin our Science work on animals and plants. The focus within this is habitats and how animals are adapted to their surroundings. We will be studying what plants need to grow and a plants journey from a seed to a fully grown plant. In computing we will be looking more closely at internet safety and linking this to our PSHE work on relationships and friendship. We will also study some of the changes our bodies and brains go through as part of the ’Changing Me’ unit in PSHE after half term. In Art we will be developing our collage skills inspired by Brownsea Island as well as having fun mixing paints to create different colours and shades.


RE this term is focused on the good news that Jesus brings and how and why Christians celebrate and share this good news. We will also be look at different special places including churches and synagogues and thinking about why these places are so special to people. Our main focus in PE is athletics skills in readiness for sports day, building the key skills of running, throwing and jumping.


Throughout the half term we will be reflecting on all our learning using our key question of ‘Should we always get our own way?'. Our Habits of Mind will be collaboration before half term where the children will be developing their ability to work together to achieve more and then creativity after half term where we will have fun looking at different ways to try things and solve problems.



Mr Harris